SQLite Release 3.8.3


Am 3. Februar wurde SQLite 3.8.3 veröffentlicht.

Die neue Version finde ich gerade deshalb besonders spannend, da die kleine Datenbank jetzt auch (rekursive) CTE unterstützt.

SQLite version 3.8.3 is a regularly scheduled maintenance release. Upgrading from the previous release is optional.

The most visible change in version 3.8.3 is the addition of support for common table expressions. It is now possible to write a single SELECT statement that will query a tree or graph, using either a depth-first or a breadth-first search. A single SQLite query will even solve Sudoku puzzles or compute the Mandelbrot set. As part of this change, SQLite now accepts a VALUES clause anyplace that a SELECT statement is valid.

This release also includes many small performance enhancements which should give a small speed boost to legacy applications. And there are other minor enhancements such as the addition of the printf() SQL function. See the change log for details.